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Xtreme Electric Guitar 64-184492016X   upc 654979066835

Xtreme Electric Guitar 64-184492016X upc 654979066835


Offering an alternative to other methods, the Xtreme series is exciting, modern, and inspirational. It features core lessons, true stories, superstar tips, top tens, and a style guru. Not only an introduction to the techniques needed to play each instrument or learn a skill, Xtreme is designed to inspire a passion for music that will transcend many young adults' fads. The reader will be guided through each area in a humorous and informative way. A CD is included with each book. In Xtreme Electric Guitar, resident axe master Marshall guides you through a ten-lesson program that covers everything from strumming patterns and barre chords to mastering techniques such as hammer-ons and pull-offs. Xtreme Electric Guitar will arm wannabe rock guitarists with all they will need to reel out those rocking riffs in no time.

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