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Understanding Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifiers

Understanding Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifiers


Kendrick Amplifiers President Gerald Weber has overhauled and serviced over 15,000 vacuum tube guitar amplifiers, designed dozens of new model amplifiers and has produced thousands of boutique tube guitar amplifiers. This DVD will transform your experience of tube guitar amplifiers forever. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, you will never see tube guitar amplifiers the same again. Topics covered include: AC and DC voltage and current á resistance á capacitance á capacitive reactance and how this affects frequency response á voltage division and how this principle is used over and over again in an amp á rectification (half-wave and full wave) á tone shaping (how to sculpt tone from a tube circuit) á Ohm's law and its variations á vacuum tube types and how they work (diode, triode, tetrode, pentode) á preamps and the anatomy of a gain stage á Class A and Class AB differences á single-ended output stages and push-pull output stages (how they work and how to recognize them) á five types of phase inverters (advantages and disadvantages of each) á power supplies (economy, half-wave, full-wave, full-wave bridge) á applications of these principles (anatomy of the Tweed Deluxe, Tweed Bassman and Blackface Super Reverb) á and much, much more!

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