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The Business of Audio Engineering - 2nd Edition

The Business of Audio Engineering - 2nd Edition


Whether you're an independent studio engineer, a live sound operator, a broadcast technician, a postproduction specialist, or a student diving headfirst into the real world, the second edition of The Business of Audio Engineering is written just for you - the author shares modern-day approaches that will dramatically increase your chances for success in the audio business. This book teaches you what you need to know about the life of a professional audio engineer with effective business strategies presented by an award-winning and highly-esteemed engineer/business pro. From attracting clients to keeping them; to hiring studios to working on your own, dealing with problem artists, producers, and labels; to handling a crisis (or keeping one from happening); to getting paid what you're worth and being worth what you're paid, Dave Hampton has the advice you need to manage your audio engineering career like the successful businees it truly can be. The Business of Audio Engineering teaches you: á How to know your value and set a rate á How to legally form your own company á Tips for working in the real world á How to make a great living and create the ultimate audio engineering lifestyle.

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