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Techniques for the Contemporary String Player

Techniques for the Contemporary String Player


Whether you want to learn a new style, be ready for anything that comes up at a jam session, or meet the demands of new orchestral scores with ease, this DVD will help you develop the necessary right- and left-hand skills. Julie Lyonn Lieberman has examined the technical demands of all the alternative styles (such as blues, swing, rock, Celtic, Cajun, Flamenco and more), and organized the most essential right-hand skills into one DVD. Part I - The Bow Hand includes: four essential bow control techniques á ten approaches to rhythmizing the bow á contemporary techniques you can use to navigate the bow so that each note speaks á and much more! Part II - The Left Hand covers: basic set-up á thumb hinge á trampolene fingers á chromatic motion á vibrato á ornaments (trills, slides, grace notes, turns, jazz embellishments) á double stops (unisons, octaves and chords) á playing on chord changes á walking bass lines á slap technique á and more. Julie is assisted on cello by Martha Colby. 100 minutes.

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