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Singer's Library of Musical Theatre, Vol. 2 00-32780   upc 038081356761

Singer's Library of Musical Theatre, Vol. 2 00-32780 upc 038081356761


For aspiring and professional singers who love Broadway, Alfred's Singer's Library of Musical Theatre presents an elegant collection of the best-loved musical theatre songs in their original keys, authentically transcribed from their original vocal scores. Perfect for study, and equally suitable for the most important auditions and performances, each volume is dedicated to a specific vocal range, and contains dozens of songs from a variety of shows that span decades of theatre history. Multiple volumes are available for each of four vocal ranges: Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano/Alto, Tenor, and Baritone/Bass. Authoritative historical and contextual commentary, audition tips, and 16-bar cut suggestions for each song make it the most useful and relevant song library of its kind. Titles: Everything Old Is New Again (The Boy from Oz) * She's My Love (Carnival) * Those Were The Good Old Days! (Damn Yankees) * A Jug of Wine (The Day Before Spring) * Anyone Would Love You (Destry Rides Again) * All of My Life (Do Re Mi) * After Today Dr. Doolittle) * Gigi (Gigi) * Store-Bought Suit (The Golden Apple) * The Best Things In Life Are Free (Good News) * Where Do I Go? (Hair) * I Love My Wife (I Do! I Do!) * It's a Well Known Fact (I Do! I Do!) * No More (Into the Woods) * They Go Wild, Simply Wild, Over Me (Irene) * Progress Is the Root of All Evil (Lil' Abner) * Love Who You Love (A Man of No Importance) * Marriage Proposal (March of the Falsettos) * Me and My Girl (Me and My Girl) * Reviewing the Situation (Oliver!) * I Talk to the Trees (Paint Your Wagon) * Isn't It a Pity? (Pardon My English) * No One Has Ever Loved Me (Passion) * I'm Back in Circulation (Redhead) * Love's a Bond (Saturday Night) * Bless Your Beautiful Hide (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers) * I Don't Remember Christmas (Starting Here, Starting Now) * Once in a Lifetime (Stop The Worldí«íŠI Want To Get Off) * The Barber and His Wife (Sweeny Todd) * The Mansion (Two Gentlemen of Verona) * If I Were the King of the Forest (The Wizard of Oz) * A Quiet Girl (Wonderful Town).

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