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RGT - Reflections 1898466483   upc 796279101509

RGT - Reflections 1898466483 upc 796279101509


Metronome markings are intended only as guidelines to the overall tempo, however there is no need to keep to 'strict tempo' - carefully considered use of rubato to enhance the mood and phrasing, would be appropriate throughout. Dynamic markings have been kept to a minimum to allow for maximum individual interpretation, however it is essential that a wide range of dynamic levels are employed in order to capture the spirit of the composition. Fingering has been kept to an absolute minimum in order to enable players to explore fingerings which will best suit them personally, and to encourage players to explore the pieces intimately. Fingering has been largely confined to indicate where the use of specific strings is recommended in order to achieve a particular timbre, or where it is necessary to use barres. Tablature has been included to make the music accessible to as many players as possible, regardless of their musical background. Whilst the pieces have been composed for classical guitar, performance on other types of guitar is also acceptable.

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