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Ray Luzier's Double Bass Drum Techniques

Ray Luzier's Double Bass Drum Techniques


The book provides note-for-note transcriptions of the drum lessons on the accompanying instructional video, which can be accessed online at via a unique code in the book. In the video, Ray takes players through an in-depth survey of modern rock drumming techniques and styles. Through clear, step-by-step explanations and exercises, he reveals details of essential techniques, including: warm ups, accents and double stroke rolls á hand and foot coordination á independence, motion and ostinato á double bass drum techniques, grooves & fills á building bass drum speed á and more! Ray demonstrates how to put these skills to work during exciting live performance footage featuring fellow David Lee Roth Band alumni Billy Sheehan (bass) and Toshi Hiketa (guitar), and live footage from Japan featuring Keisuke Nishimoto.

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