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Mastering the Bass Book 2 99567BCD   upc 796279074988

Mastering the Bass Book 2 99567BCD upc 796279074988


Book 2 continues to build strong technique, ear skills, and musicality with obtainable goals relative to those accomplished in Book 1. A large number of shifting and position studies are presented to help players learn to navigate the fingerboard. For upright bassists, there are bowing exercises and variations as well as an explanation of bow articulations. In addition, you will find a further explanation of theory, which includes: triads, inversions, basic, diatonic harmony, minor scales, modes and simple chord progression analysis. You will also find discussions of musical expression markings, such as dynamics, and various articulations. A thorough knowledge of all of these musical elements contributes to your instrumental mastery.
Also available in Japanese from ATN, Inc.

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