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Jazz Prelims

Jazz Prelims


Bill Boyd works his usual magic with these simple, yet truly jazzy little solos for the young beginner. Each piece has a catchy title and feels good to play. The jazz flavor Bill creates in each solo is a classic hallmark of his creative genius - easy-to-play pieces that give beginning performers a real taste of jazz style and flair. Various meters, tempos; C Major; alternating hands melodies; fixed position; Reading range: middle of the keyboard range; Treble and bass staff lines and spaces; 12 pieces: Bass Guitar Blues á Bass Guitar Rock á Blues Parade á Follow The Leader á Imitation á Jazz Time á Love Theme For A TV Series á A Minor Effort á Smooth Groove á Take A Rest á Tick Tock The Jazz Clock á Triple Play. Perf. Time: less than 1 minute for each solo.

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