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Jazz Chords for Rock Guitarists 20815   upc 796279090438

Jazz Chords for Rock Guitarists 20815 upc 796279090438


The transition from rock to jazz can sometimes be a bit intimidating to guitarists, young and old. Jazz Chords for Rock Guitarists, by John G. Maione, endeavors to take the 'mystery' out of jazz harmonies and make them accessible to every guitarist. More importantly, this book logically, progressively, and practically builds on the knowledge attained by any guitarist competent in the rock genre, and leads them in a very organized, step-by-step way, to learning and understanding the basic elements of jazz harmony, and to using functional jazz guitar chord forms in their playing. Beginning with a review of basic power and 'bar' chords, this text then proceeds to begin 'bridging the gap' to jazz by working on basic blues progressions, usually familiar to all rock guitarists, but this time, using basic jazz chord voicings and forms. The student guitarist can then build upon these newly discovered jazz forms learned through the blues, by learning many more related jazz chord forms and voicings, all built on the 6th string and 5th string roots, the roots of learning rock guitar! This book is geared, through logical, step-by-step progression, and clear explanations, for any rock guitarist ready and eager to explore the exciting and unlimited world of jazz!

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