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In RecitalÌÎÌ_̴åÇÌÎå«?Ìâ Throughout the Year (with Performance Strategies) : Volume two - Book 3 FJH FF1554   upc

In RecitalÌÎÌ_̴åÇÌÎå«?Ìâ Throughout the Year (with Performance Strategies) : Volume two - Book 3 FJH FF1554 upc


In Recital í? Throughout The Year is a series that focuses on fabulous repertoire, with musically engaging pieces by leading FJH composers and arrangers. This series of books is carefully levelled to ensure that goals are attainable, which is essential in motivating students. Providing excellent teaching material, these books address the strengths and weaknesses of students, with progressive discussions by Dr. Helen Marlais on the art of performance and an analysis of performance strategies.The pieces presented in these books provide repertoire for the entire year, including pieces for Halloween and Christmas, as well as arrangements of famous classical themes, with original solos and duets. The accompanying CD includes demonstrations of the pieces presented in this book, allowing the student to develop their interpretive skills.Volume Two í? Book 3 is suitable for Late Elementary pianists and covers many basic principles, including:Eighth notes and those basic notes and rests introduced in books 1 and 2 í? dotted quarter notes are also introduced at the end of the bookPlaying different articulations such as legato and staccato at the same timePlaying pieces in a variety of different moods, tempos, and formPlaying block and broken major, minor and diminished chordsPieces which reinforce five-finger scales, as well as scale patterns that extend from the usual five-finger patterns (with finger crossing)Playing blocked intervals up to a sixth, double thirds, and hand-over-hand arpeggiosContinued movement up and down the keyboard, and using the pedal artisticallyReinforcing basic musical terminology and symbols, such as crescendo, decrescendo, ritardando, fermata, mezzo forte, mezzo piano, forte, piano, fortissimo, pianissimo, and D.S. al CodaKeys í? C, G, F, A minor and D minor.

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