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Concierto Antillano for piano and guitar    9780786670994

Concierto Antillano for piano and guitar 9780786670994


The Concierto Antillano by Ernesto Cordero is acclaimed as one of the finest Concerti written for guitar and chamber orchestra. It effectively integrates diverse cross-cultural elements of the Greater Antilles. These are the Spanish speaking island-nations of Cuba, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. Often a performer needs a reduction of the orchestral score for piano, so the soloist can try the overall orchestral flavor and colors with a pianist. It is ideal when the composer can write such condensed orchestration thinking of the piano and its idiomatic resources. This way it will become organically integrated with the soloist as defined entity, reflecting the original orchestral concept. Cordero does this very skillfully and now his beautiful Concierto Antillano will be reachable to a wider audience. We must understand that less frequent opportunities exist to have an orchestra but many more occasions to have an experienced pianist able to share with the guitar soloist (in a chamber music format) the pleasure of performing this exquisite work to the audienceí´s delight.

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