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Best of Bebop

Best of Bebop


For use with all Bb, Eb, and C instruments, the JAZZ PLAY ALONG SERIES is the ultimate learning tool for all jazz musicians. With musician-friendly lead sheets, melody cues, and other split-track choices on the included CD, this first-of-its-kind package makes learning to play jazz easier than ever before. FOR STUDY, each tune includes a split track with: á Melody cue with proper style and inflection á Professional rhythm tracks á Choruses for soloing á Removable bass part á Removable piano part. FOR PERFORMANCE, each tune also has: á An additional full stereo accompaniment track (no melody) á Additional choruses for soloing. INCLUDES: Anthropology á Donna Lee á Doxy á Epistrophy á Lady Bird á Oleo á Ornithology á Scrapple from the Apple á Woodyn' You á Yardbird Suite.

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