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Basic Harmonica Method 96699BCD   upc 796279043182

Basic Harmonica Method 96699BCD upc 796279043182


This book is meant to give you a jump-start in playing blues harmonica.í«í_ You will find there are both easy and difficult techniques on the harmonica.í«í_ Due to the nature and length of this book, and to avoid repetition of sections of other books by the same author- some of the more commonplace blues harmonica techniques are avoided here. A 10-hole D harmonica is required to begin this book, but a Lee Oskar natural minor harmonica in the key of A minor is also recommended.í«í_ All tunes and exercises in this book are written in standard notation with harmonica blow/draw indications.í«í_ Although this is not a beginner's book, the enclosed CD recording provides an additional assist to players at all level.í«í_

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